We will reduce onsite injuries and improve workforce health

Small niggles and injuries that are left untreated early can result in lost time injuries, expensive claims and loss of productivity. As well as having a significant financial impact on an organisation, injuries also negatively impact the injured employee and workplace morale.

AP onsite physiotherapists takes a pro-active approach by educating the workforce on safe work practices to avoid injury as well as encouraging early reporting and early injury intervention to ensure that minor injuries are dealt with before they develop into a costly burden to employers. 

Our onsite physiotherapy services include:

      • Injury assessment and treatment
      • Rehabilitation and return to work management of injured employees
      • Full pre employment and periodic medical assessments
      • Onsite education to reduce injuries through toolbox presentations
        • Industrial Athletes (mechanics of workplace injuries, safe manual handling techniques, ergonomic safety and injury management)
        • Hardhat Health (sleep hygiene, drug and alcohol, crib safety, nutrition and managing the FIFO lifestyle)
      • Pre-Start Stretching program implementation across site

Our onsite physiotherapy service is based on the following principles:

      • Understanding the operation and the workforce and the physical risks placed on individual employees
      • Most injuries are preventable if correct work practices are implemented
      • Education, awareness and communication are critical
      • Early reporting and treatment lead to faster recovery
      • Continuous improvement is driven through analysis of injuries, incidents and claims

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