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Functional Performance

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Training clients in safe & effective functional performance of daily living activities

The primary goal of physiotherapy to our MJD clients is to maintain functional performance.

To encourage participation we take a client centred approach and make the activities fun. We motivate our clients to engage in group exercises, games and competition.

Therapy includes exercises to challenge lower limb strength and co-ordination, balance, upper and lower limb fine and gross motor control and gait pattern.

Another focal point is to train clients in safe and effective performance of activities of daily living such as transfers, personal care tasks, eating and mobilizing so that they can manage their lives at home with more dignity and safety.

From a clinical physiotherapy perspective, we conduct full neurological screening tests to track the progression of neurological performance markers. Regular mobility assessments are also completed to ensure that appropriate mobility aids are prescribed and appropriately utilized to optimize functional performance.

Similarly, home assessments are conducted to identify whether there is a need for rails, ramps or similar household modifications to enable improved functioning.

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