A healthy mob creates a strong community

We will improve the health and quality of life of Indigenous Australians through culturally appropriate, flexible and creative service delivery.

AP has extensive experience delivering physiotherapy and broader case management services to Indigenous Australians and their families throughout numerous remote communities in Northern Australia.

We are extremely proud to have been partnered with the MJD Foundation to assist in the care of people living with Machado Joseph Disease (MJD) since early 2013 through our Staying Stronger for Longer Program. A unique focus to our program is our Physio On Country model, whereby, we conduct sessions ‘out bush’ combining traditional knowledge and priorities with best practice therapy to promote improved Functional Performance.

AP also services numerous East Arnhem Health Clinics where we see clients referred for physiotherapy and exercise therapy as well as offering these services to NDIS participants in each region.

AP has built strong professional and personal relationships with local businesses and families in these communities. Our staff and brand are highly regarded within each community and have built trust, which underpins our successful engagement outcomes.