Indigenous Health

Stronger Together

We will improve the health and quality of life of Indigenous Australians through culturally appropriate, flexible and creative service delivery.

Active Performance has extensive experience delivering physiotherapy and broader case management services to Indigenous Australians and their families throughout numerous remote communities in Northern Australia.

We are extremely proud to have been partnered with the MJD Foundation to assist in the care of people living with Machado Joseph Disease (MJD) since early 2013 through our Staying Stronger for Longer Program.

A unique focus to our program is our Physio On Country Model, whereby, we conduct sessions ‘out bush’ combining traditional knowledge and priorities with best practice therapy to promote improved Functional Performance.

A healthy mob creates a strong community!

Active Performance also services numerous East Arnhem Health Clinics where we see clients referred for physiotherapy and exercise therapy as well as offering these services to NDIS participants in each region.

Active Performance has built strong professional and personal relationships with local businesses and families in these communities. Our staff and brand are highly regarded within each community and have built trust, which underpins our successful engagement outcomes.

NDIS Registered Provider

We are registered with the NDIS, and are committed to help our clients achieve their NDIS goals.

We know how important it is to listen to and understand what matters most to people about their needs. We are committed to help our clients achieve their NDIS goals.

Active Performance is registered with the NDIS. We service numerous remote communities throughout Far North Queensland, Cape York, Torres Strait and Arnhem Land.

Our team provides a range of supports to assist NDIS participants meet their plan goals including:

We take a holistic and client-centred approach with supports. Therapy programs are tailored to help clients achieve their goals, improve overall quality of life, regain skills and build independence, and to maximise their engagement in the community.  

Active Performance offers services with: 

  • Functional Capacity Assessment and reports,   
  • Supported Independent Living (SIL) and Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) assessments and reports,  
  • Assistive Technology recommendations and reports and,  
  • Individualised therapy programs / capacity building.  

Active Performance offers in-home, in-clinic or in community services, supporting clients of all ages. We take a holistic and collaborative approach to care and work with our clients to provide appropriate rehabilitative and therapeutic supports, enabling our clients to achieve their short and long term goals and improve overall quality of life.  

We offer services with: 

  • Individualised rehabilitation  
  • Functional Capacity Assessment and reports,   
  • Seating and wheelchair prescription,  
  • Skilled in pressure injury prevention and management, 
  • Assistive Technology recommendations and reports,  
  • Mobility, with the home and community access, and 
  • Manual handling, for carers and family 

We can provide support for adults and children with a disability or difficulty with speech, language, voice and swallowing disorders. Our speech therapist works with clients in-home, in-clinic or in-school.  

Active Performance can assist with:  

  • Augmented and Alternative Communication assessments and support 
  • Swallowing assessments 
  • Assistive Technology recommendations and reports 
  • Individualised therapy programs / capacity building 
  • Social Skills training 
  • Neurological rehabilitation 
  • Carer education and support 


Our dietitian provides evidence-based nutrition education and guidance to help you achieve your individual goals, whether it’s weight loss, managing diabetes, addressing food intolerances, overcoming fussy eating, optimising sports nutrition, and more.  

With personalised meal plans, educational support and accountability, our dietitian ensures long-term health benefits. We empower you to make informed choices, fostering positive lifestyle changes for sustained healthy well-being. 

If you are an NDIS Participant or Coordinator of Support, get in touch with us today!


How We Work With NDIS Participants:

We will listen and gain a deep understanding of your needs and goals.

We will work with you at times and locations that suit you.

We will respect social and cultural factors that ensure successful engagement.

We will assist you to apply functional skills to improve independence and quality of life.

We have forged strong relationships with numerous health providers and are well positioned to identify the appropriate services required.


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If you are an NDIS Participant or Coordinator of Support, get in touch today. Our team can help clients overcome aches, pains & injuries with personalised treatment plans.

Stay Stronger For Longer

Combining traditional knowledge and priorities with best practice therapy.

The Staying Stronger for Longer Program aims to provide best practice therapeutic intervention across sites, and the ‘On Country’ model engages experts from both cultures, combining traditional knowledge and priorities with best practice therapy.

Physio On Country Model

Unique Service Providing Physical and Emotional Benefits.

During our Physio on Country Days clients are assisted and challenged to mobilize on irregular surfaces such as sand, shallow water and rocky outcrops all whilst enjoying traditional activities such as hunting, story telling and sharing a meal on country. We refer to this as “physiotherapy by stealth” which provides physical as well as emotional benefits for our clients.

Functional Performance

Training clients in safe & effective functional performance of daily living activities.

The primary goal of physiotherapy to our MJD clients is to maintain functional performance.

To encourage participation we take a client centred approach and make the activities fun. We motivate our clients to engage in group exercises, games and competition.

Therapy includes exercises to challenge lower limb strength and co-ordination, balance, upper and lower limb fine and gross motor control and gait pattern.

Another focal point is to train clients in safe and effective performance of activities of daily living such as transfers, personal care tasks, eating and mobilizing so that they can manage their lives at home with more dignity and safety.

From a clinical physiotherapy perspective, we conduct full neurological screening tests to track the progression of neurological performance markers. Regular mobility assessments are also completed to ensure that appropriate mobility aids are prescribed and appropriately utilized to optimize functional performance.

Similarly, home assessments are conducted to identify whether there is a need for rails, ramps or similar household modifications to enable improved functioning.

Community Health Clinics

Culturally appropriate and socially motivating.

Active Performance also services Community Health Clinics in Angurugu, Umbakumba, Ngukurr and Urapunga where we see clients referred for physiotherapy an exercise physiology as well as offering NDIS services to local participants in each region.

AP staff has gained a deep understanding of how best to work with Indigenous clients in community and the insight required to overcome the social and cultural barriers to enable successful engagement with clients. Our team provides therapeutic interventions and exercise rehabilitation that are of both physical and emotional value to our clients.

In order to deliver these services in culturally appropriate and socially motivating settings, home visits and therapy ‘On Country’ are the two main modes of service delivery.